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So there's this amazing audio editing software called Audacity. Oh yeah, it's free. It's one of the best ones out there. You name anything you'd want to do with an audio file and Audacity will most likely be able to do it. I've had this software for quite some time, but I just learned tonight about how to "remove" the vocals out of a song. It takes less than 3 minutes (super fast!!). The downsides are that the quality of the song goes down a few notches and you can still kind of hear the vocals. This is why I said "remove," with quotations. But it's still an amazing feat for doing it for free and in less than 3 minutes. If you'd like to know how to do it just leave a comment and I'll put up another post. Sadly nobody comments on anything, so getting feedback is pretty much impossible. But maybe as you're reading this you actually might leave one! Enjoy the warm night.
Editor's Note: Recently, Dirpy.com has closed down due to insu

Hello all! I recently stumbled upon this great webapp called Dirpy.com. This webapp has all the stops. 
When you first get onto the site you are greeted with a smooth, clean, interface. Next, you will copy and paste the URL from the video you are trying to convert. As of right now, Dirpy can only convert YouTube videos, but hey, that's perfectly fine with me. So after you have entered the URL and hit whimsical "Dirpy!" button (the same as "Search" or "Go") the real fun begins. On the next page you are given five different sections to fill out. The first is the URL, which is already done, so four left. Next is what you want to name the file, but what Dirpy chooses is usually fine with me. Three left, and these, to me, are the only ones worth filling out.  The third section is the "transcoder." In this section you can specify at which time you want the video to mp3 conversion to start and where you want it to end. The fourth section is my favorite and the one that impressed me the most. In this section you can edit the mp3 tags. So when you put it in to iTunes or something all the information is already there. Pretty sweet! And the last section is where you can simply click which file quality you want it (Low, High 360, and High 480). And then you just hit "download" and watch it do its magic. Wait about three minutes and you got your favorite Bob Marley song waiting for you.

Link here: Dirpy.com

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