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So last week I spent three days working on this project called the Unabox. I had found it in an online magazine titled "Make." The Unabox is a keyless box that requires a person to know the secret of the box to open it. The box had intrigued me because it seemed like a project with minimal work and it didn't require a lot of skill on my part (especially with woodworking). So I printed up the PDF plans and went to work on finding some wood that I could use. The creator of the Unabox said to use a nice hardwood like oak or something. I ended up picking just plain old MDF board. I had heard that it was easy to work with so I figured, "hey, great for me!" I measured out the dimensions and cut it the next day. Next, I dry fitted it and then glued the whole thing together. I wanted to sand down the extra pieces that were hanging out but I enjoyed the puzzle looking pieces that stick out.

The finished product was awesome! (For my standards at least) I plan on painting it soon, not sure what colors yet, but I figure it out. Overall, it was an easy project that was not too time consuming, and the end result was very nice. Here are some pictures:
Here are the links if you wish to make it on your own.
Make Magazine Vol. 20: The Unabox
YouTube video of user "KipKay" going through how he made his Unabox

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So I spent this entire morning working on a project that has been forged in the deep recesses of my brain. I dug it out and decided that 10am was a great time to start building a shelf for my desk.  I came upon an old shelving unit that had the shelf part, and then about 15 dowels that went with it. So I cut some of the dowels to my desired length and drilled some holes, added some screws and came up with a great shelf. It was super simple and best of all, FREE! The clutter of my desk before it is now all gone and I feel more organized, which is always good. I also added a plastic drawer organizer to my pull-out keyboard shelf (I wasn't using it anyways). I Velcro'd the bottom to the shelf so it wouldn't move around. Overall, I am very pleased.  
Upon my daily routine of watching random YouTube videos, I stumbled upon a gem: a baby inside a watermelon. It disturbs me a little to wonder why the parents just plopped their child in a watermelon...but I guess it makes for good video. Take a watch:
So, I just spent an awesome night with my girlfriend. The night was delayed, however, due to her getting a flat tire. But when she finally arrived I was more than happy to see her. So we had dinner and tried to figure out what to do next. After playing a few rounds of "Wig Out" with my sister and playing some guitar, we decided to go onto the computer and find a movie to watch. We ended up finding "The A-Team." The trailers looked good, so we clicked play and forged on.  The movie stars three notable actors/actresses; Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Jessica Biel. The movie started off a little vague but got quickly into it. Throughout the movie I kept getting confused by the plot but the action-packed scenes drew me right back in. As a person who has never watched anything "A-Team" related I feel that knowing about it will help understand the movie better. But if you're looking for something that is full of action then this is the movie to watch!

Here's the trailer:
The LG EnV 2. Probably the worst phone to ever come out of the LG series. I've had it for a year and have gotten only one replacement. But as of tonight, I clearly need another.  When I go to press a button, let's say the left arrow (which I have set to go straight to my text message inbox), instead of doing its operation, it thinks I'm hitting the number 3. But when I hit number 3, nothing happens. So it's not like things just switched, some of the keypad's operations have ceased to be. It makes me angry, but all I can say is that they better give me a replacement :P

Well goodnight to you all, and thank you for visiting my site on my first day

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