A Little Bit of Everything
Hello all! So I believe this is my 2nd Song of the Day. The song I've picked is one of my favorite songs (as of late) and it was stuck in my head all day yesterday. Without further delay, I have chosen "Barlights" by Fun. Fun is a great band that has quickly climbed it's way into my top 5 list of favorite bands. They have a indie-rock sound while sounding slightly like Queen. Their use of many different instruments and choir/harmonies make them an outstanding band.  Their lead singer, Nate Ruess, was in the band The Format for five years before they broke up where he used a lot of brass which you can hear in the album ("Aim and Ignite"). 

This specific song, Barlights, is just packed with brass and backup singers that sound like a full gospel choir. Great/awesome sound. If you like this song I hope you can get into them. Enjoy.

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