A Little Bit of Everything
     So I am sitting at my computer listening to the smooth sounds of "Carbon Leaf;" an Celtic band from Virginia that has an awesome song.  I was first introduced to them a number of years back when my father was playing one of their hit songs ("The Boxer") on his boombox. I listened only to that song for awhile until myself and a family friend realized we both listened to them. My family friend gave me a CD of their debut album "Indian Summer" before I shipped off to college. I have to say that getting "into" them was the best thing ever. They're great to listen to especially when you just want to sit back and enjoy life. 
     The song I have decided to pick tonight is their song "Grey Sky Eyes." This song packs it all, great electric guitar licks as well as the soothing voice of their lead singer Barry Privett.  I encourage you to take a listen, especially if you're just about getting ready to crawl into bed. Easy listening folks, enjoy the song :)


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