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So I'm posting one of my playlists that I have on my iPod. This specific one helped me out when I went on a school trip to California.  I'm scared of heights, so the idea of going on a plane didn't really get me too excited. So one day "Be Calm" by Fun was playing on my iPod and I decided to finally try out the "Genius" feature. Let me tell you, it works perfectly. If you haven't used it yet, get to it! But here is my playlist:

1) "Be Calm"- Fun.
2) "I'm Actual"- The Format
3) "From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins"- Panic At The Disco
4) "Let Your Troubles Roll By"- Carbon Leaf
5) "Boat Behind"- Kings Of Convenience
6) "Ragoo"- Kings Of Leon
7) "Why I Am"- Dave Matthews Band
8) "Come Around Again"- JET
9) "Dog Problems"- The Format
10) "I Wanna Be The One"- Fun.
11) "Slow Night, So Long"- Kings Of Leon
12) "Folkin' Around"- Kings Of Leon
13) "What About Everything"- Carbon Leaf
14) "If Work Permits"- The Format
15) "17"- Kings Of Leon
16) "Timothy"- JET
17) "Benson Hedges"- Fun.
18) "I Have Friends In Holy Spaces"- Panic At The Disco
19) "Pick Me Up"- The Format
20) "McFearless"- Kings Of Leon
21) "Grey Sky Eyes"- Carbon Leaf
22) "Take It Or Leave It"- JET
7/16/2010 02:46:52 am

Hey man, great playlist. I especially love that you added Kings of Leon!


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