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So last week I spent three days working on this project called the Unabox. I had found it in an online magazine titled "Make." The Unabox is a keyless box that requires a person to know the secret of the box to open it. The box had intrigued me because it seemed like a project with minimal work and it didn't require a lot of skill on my part (especially with woodworking). So I printed up the PDF plans and went to work on finding some wood that I could use. The creator of the Unabox said to use a nice hardwood like oak or something. I ended up picking just plain old MDF board. I had heard that it was easy to work with so I figured, "hey, great for me!" I measured out the dimensions and cut it the next day. Next, I dry fitted it and then glued the whole thing together. I wanted to sand down the extra pieces that were hanging out but I enjoyed the puzzle looking pieces that stick out.

The finished product was awesome! (For my standards at least) I plan on painting it soon, not sure what colors yet, but I figure it out. Overall, it was an easy project that was not too time consuming, and the end result was very nice. Here are some pictures:
Here are the links if you wish to make it on your own.
Make Magazine Vol. 20: The Unabox
YouTube video of user "KipKay" going through how he made his Unabox

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