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A few years back I had always been looking for a really good music site where I could just stream music. And maybe even while searching for this site I would find some new music. There are many sites out there that will give you this satisfaction (e.g. Grooveshark, Pandora, Spotify. Just to name a few). But during my search I found this site called Stereomood. When you enter the site you are greeted with a list of any type of mood you can think of, or possibly be in. Happy, sad, just woke up, sexy, jazzy, or thinking to name some of them. When you click on one of the moods a preset playlist loads and begins playing music that would fit that mood almost perfectly.

How the site works is that users can submit URLs from other sites that have music and add them to one of the playlists. This is different from a site like Grooveshark in that users do not physically add the mp3's to the site, only the link. I've been using Stereomood for quite some time now and I've created my own playlist entitled “Study,” which I use for...well when I study. All of the music I listen to on this site is music I would never have heard of before and I enjoy each one thoroughly.

So if you're looking to discover some new music, or just want to try out another site like Pandora, please stop by Stereomood.com and give it a go. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  

So recently, one of my friends introduced me to this site called Grooveshark.  The interface is quite simple, with the home page just being a search box.  So the first thing I did was search for my favorite band, Say Anything.  Once the search was complete, over 65 songs came up that I could put into a playlist.  Now if you're not a member of Grooveshark, you can only put up to 12 songs into your playlist.  But as far as I know, you can make as many playlists you want. 

After searching for Say Anything, my next logical search was Led Zeppelin.  After searching I realized that Led Zeppelin wasn't the only thing that came up.  Symphonic Led Zeppelin popped up, brass quintet versions, and even covers.  So the site not only offers the originals, but some twists that you may have had to search a little harder for on Google or YouTube.  The first playlist I created was "classic rock orchestral," which consists of Zeppelin and Pink Floyd symphonic renditions.  Then I made a playlist that consists of the top 90s alternative rock songs, including a string quintet version of "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins. 

I like Grooveshark because unlike Pandora it doesn't just pump out random songs that it thinks you may like.  You get to pick exactly what you want and in which order you want to hear it.  And there isn't a monthly cap on how many hours you can listen to your music.  It's unlimited. 

So, check it out for yourself and tell me what you think below.

Here's the site link: Grooveshark

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